productionCyan Films is a multimedia and video production company based in Dallas,Tx. Cyan Films offers creative resources for diverse media needs. Whether your project is a television commercial, event or short film, Cyan Films has an enthusiastic team with the creativity, experience, and technical expertise to develop your production from beginning to end. Our skilled team can guide you through all phases of production for your project including concept development, script writing and pre- and post-production. Cyan Films goes above and beyond to meet your expectations, creating a partnership and referrals for projects to come.





Carlos Alba is a Producer and Director for Cyan Films based in Dallas Texas, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Universidad  Iberoamericana in Torreón Coahuila and México City. Carlos has been working in the Television Industry for more than a decade and has led several projects in networks such as Univision, Telemundo, NBC, CBS, FOX and Liberman Broadcasting. Over the last four years, Carlos and his team at Cyan Films have been producing high quality commercials that air on local, regional and national networks in the USA. Carlos prides himself on the ability to work from the elements of a basic idea and turn it into an effective concept displayed on a screen. For him it is very important to exceed his clients’ expectations by keeping a close eye on the details and using his vast skill set developed over years in the industry.